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I create modern images for vacation rental properties throughout the US.

I am based in Arizona but owners and management companies frequently fly me to other states to photograph their vacation homes. 

If quality matters to you, I might be the perfect photographer for your project.

Great photography is essential if you want to earn more for your vacation home.

The owners and management companies that I partner with typically have three goals:

1. They want to increase the number of bookings a property receives.

2. They want to increase the price of those bookings

3. They are intentional about outperforming their peers.  

Imagine you are about to go on a vacation. You are considering two properties.

One has been photographed casually, typical. It feels boring.

The other has been photographed with care and creativity. You can imagine what it feels like to be there.  It feels like an upgrade. 

You choose the features that are most important to you

Which tier best fits your goals?

Best in Neighborhood ( Tier 1)

There are three main elements that make it different from the other photoshoot packages:

– An increased level of my own involvement in the look and feel of your staging.
– Enhanced editing by my team after the shoot.
– Our continued involvement in future months as you update the property.

Let’s discuss that first part: An increased level of my own involvement in the look and feel of your staging.

I’ve photographed thousands of interiors over the years and I have seen the inside of more vacation rentals than almost any owner or property manager ever will. I’ve seen what the best are doing to stand-out.

I’ve also photographed the inside of the Washington Embassies, world class hotels, luxury new builds and high-end remodels from award winning designers, architects and builders throughout the United States. 

Hiring me for this type of photoshoot is your invitation that I bring all that experience to your vacation rental. 

Your furnishing are thoughtfully arranged, but if anything could increase the symmetry and balance of the image, you invite me make those adjustments.

You are inviting me to take my time, without interruption and share my creativity with you to get the best shots possible in your space. 


Now let’s look at that second point: Enhanced editing by my team after the shoot.

You have furnished the home with t.v.s and beautiful lamps. But not every power outlet is in a visually ideal place. We can digitally remove those cords. 

Your landscapers have recently manicured your lawn but a few stray leaves have fallen to the ground. We can make those disappear.

The grass has been well tended. But you haven’t had the chance to repair the few brown and dying patches of grass. We can refresh your lawn and give it a lush look. 

The driveway has a few cracks that take away from an otherwise perfect front shot of the home. We can make them vanish. 

You are going to do your very best to make sure everything is as perfect as possible on the day of the photoshoot. But for those things that need a little extra attention, my team will step in, spend more time and do more to digitally enhance what you were striving to create in real life. 

And now that third element: Our continued involvement in future months as you update the property.

Looking forward you plan on doing some small updates. Maybe you are going to change the outdoor furniture from a winter to a summer theme. Or maybe that pool table finally arrived and your game room is getting an update. 

Think of this package as “update” insurance.  You know you’re going to do it. And you want to make it as easy on yourself as possible.

This packages includes an updated photoshoot of up to two areas of the vacation rental within 6 months of the first photoshoot.

What is an area? Thing in terms of kitchen (area), living room (area), backyard (area), bedroom ( area).  You get the idea. 


Professional ( Tier 2)

This tier is what most people probably think about when searching for a photographer to shoot their short term rental property.

Beautiful wide and medium shots with a handful of relevant detail images. 

This tier is for owners and management companies who will take the time to make sure everything is symmetrical and in its place so I can create images without pausing to do any moving or adjusting of furnishings. 

If you’ve got all the small details handled then this is the tier for you. 

Basic ( Tier 3)

This tier is for owners and vacation rental management companies that only need the basics.

You want beautiful wide and medium angle images and that is it. 

No fuss. Quick. Simple. In and out. 


I offer three pricing tiers. 

Pricing is based on the Nightly Rent Rate of your vacation property during PEAK season.

You decide what level you want to collaborate with me.

Tier 1
Best in Neighborhood
Choose this option if want images that outperform any other properties in your neighborhood. 
Includes enhanced editing, light staging to improve symmetry and more.

Tier 2
Choose this if you don’t need a white glove experience but still want high quality images that standout. 

Tier 3
Choose this option if you only need a couple dozen simple images of your vacation rental.

To see your price options click on the nightly rental rate during PEAK season.


$4,000 – Best in Neighborhood 
$2,500 – Professional
$1,200 – Basic


$2,400 – Best in Neighborhood 
$1,600 – Professional
$700    – Basic


$1,800 – Best in Neighborhood 
$1,200 – Professional
$500    – Basic


$1,300 – Best in Neighborhood 
$800    – Professional
$300    – Basic

$300 and under

$900 – Best in Neighborhood 
$500 – Professional
$200 – Basic

Additional services you can add to your vacation rental photoshoot: 

1. Twilight
2. Drone 
3. Video 

Still have questions? Not a problem. 
Send a text or give me a call: 480-269-4105

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