My collab with and publication in Cosmopolitan Magazine
May 18, 2018 was launching a new lingerie line and they reached out to a handful of commercial photographers in Arizona for a test shoot. This was going to be their biggest campaign yet so they went searching for the right photographer.  After my test shoot at their Phoenix studio, I got an email offering me the opportunity to shoot their new line.  Knowing they had test shot with other professional photographers, I thanked them and asked what made th...

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What most photographers get wrong when they say they work by "Referral only".
January 21, 2018

What’s going on, everybody? Shane Baker with Shane Baker Studios, and I am up in the wilderness right now. I’m actually headed back down to the valley for a photoshoot later on this afternoon, but I wanted to take a quick moment. It’s the end of the year, right? And a lot of photographers talk about their businesses,  the successes they’ve had this past year, the hopes that they have for 2018, and one of the things that I’m noticing is that I’ve go...

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4 simple steps to improve your photography that anyone can do starting today.
January 15, 2018

What’s going on everybody, Shane Baker with Shane Baker Studios. It might be a little loud, I am at a Starbucks, just doing some editing for a client. But I wanted to give you guys just a couple of simple tips--- 4 simple tips to improve your photography. I know that as photographers or brand new photographers, oftentimes, we pick up a camera, and we’re looking for some simple ways to grow, and we see all these great images online. So I’m going to ...

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Top 50 Photo Shoot Locations Near Phoenix, Arizona
October 26, 2017

Phoenix—the economic, cultural, and historical powerhouse of Arizona—charms the locals and passing travelers alike for its southwestern vibe and rich Native American heritage.  South of the Grand Canyon, the Valley of the Sun is the gateway to United State of America’s immense work of Mother Nature. But the Grand Canyon is only one of the countless places you must visit when you find yourself in the Southwest. And why not indulge in a little photo ...

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