Teresa was the second model at my underwater test shoot.

Dynamic, powerful.

I was getting Frank Frazetta vibes while photographing her.

If you don’t know who Frank Frazetta is, look up his artwork. It’s some of the best.

Shooting underwater has a way of stripping away at the facade.

Without breath, suspended in water, your inner mindset bubbles to the surface.

I’m job is to guide someone through the initial phase of panic, struggle and anxiety.

Discover the part of you that is comfortable with uncomfort (water up your nose isn’t pleasant).

Discover the part of you that can slow down and move your whole body in unison (most models struggle to let tension go and be fluid throughout their whole body).

Discover the part of you that can abandon yourself to the environment around you and realize, you are not IN the environment… you are the environment. (Most models perform as if on a stage, when in reality there is no stage, there is no separation between self and surrounding).

Model: Teresa Esquivel

Special thank you to our hosts:
Charity Hakes and Bluewater Bungalow AZ