I have a very special shoot coming up but to make it happen I needed to go through a few more extra steps than I usually do for a shoot.

The first part of the casting call was an invitation for the models to meet the animals that will be a part of the photoshoot.

You don’t want to get to the final shoot and realize someone is squeamish with the animals we’ll be working with.

The second part was an underwater test shoot.

You also don’t want to get to the final shoot and find out that being underwater is too difficult for the model.

Because of this, I could only proceed with models who were able to go through each portion of the casting call successfully.

Three models made it to this point and I was surprised with how well they all did when we got into the water.

Each model displayed her own individual strengths and it was something wonderful to watch unfold in front of my camera.

I asked each of them to come in a basic swimsuit. I only needed a sense for their personalities underwater.

Then each of them had an opportunity to shoot a concept of their own with an outfit they brought.

There was no guarantee that I would be inviting any of them to the final shoot.

I wanted each of them to have something for themselves after putting in so much effort for this casting call.

In the end I invited all three back for the final shoot.

Here is Isabella and her mermaid concept for the test shoot.


Special thank you to our hosts:
Charity Hakes and Bluewater Bungalow AZ