Film director, Nick LaRovere, has been creating great content for hisself and for his commercial clients for awhile.

Nick and I ran into one another one day at a local camera rental shop(Matte Black Camera Rental), ran by my friend Chris Nolan.

Nick has been developing his brand for awhile and he asked if I would create some new images to help tell his story.

Together we planned what the shoot would look like, discussed location ideas and discussed wardrobe to fit the vibe, the location, his person and his brand.

After a few weeks everything was in place.

LJ Garcia and I arrived, pulled out our gear and scouting the area we had selected.

The terrain was rugged. I looked at my equipment cart and realized I’d need to buy a heavier dutier one after this shoot because I was about to test it’s limits.

Nick arrived and all three of us set out on a trailhead to create.

This was one of my favorite branding shoots. Very few shoots make it into my main portfolio.

This one will.