When I bought this little camera I had no idea it was considered one of the most complicated and difficult of it’s kind to use.

I didn’t even know if would actually work.

I had it cleaned and serviced.

I picked one roll of color film and one roll of black and white.

Then I asked Sydney to model for me.

She’s patient with me in day to day life.

I figured that patience would come in handy while I worked through the challenges of my first shoot with this camera.

Throughout the photoshoot she kept looking at me and asking, “What?”

She thought I was talking to her and she couldn’t hear what I was muttering under my breath.

I was talking to the camera and not her.

“What the hell does this button do?”
“How do I… oh ok.”
“This damn thing feels stuck… nope there it goes.”
“I hope that didn’t break it.”

Well I didn’t break it.

I’ve bought more film.

And I can’t wait to shoot with this camera again.