⁣I’ve never really enjoyed looking at most business photos.
You know the type: Arms crossed. Awkward pose. Forced smile. Half the time it looks like the person doesn’t even want to be in the image.
That’s why I really enjoy it when creative business owners like Candice (London Pierce Design) allow me to shoot something for them that’s a little out of the box.
Here’s a bit of truth about photography.
A skilled, trained, professional model will make an average photographer look amazing. The model is comfortable in front of the camera, they know their best angles and they look…well like models lol.
I’ve shot with models for whom it was literally almost impossible to take a bad image of them.
But what happens when you have someone in front of your camera who isn’t a model? While getting things ready I’ll often overhear things like:
“No one ever gets good photos of me”.
“I’m really nervous”.
“I’m not like your models on your IG”.
We carry so much self doubt…
How we look…
How we measure up…
I cannot begin to express to you the experience of watching a metamorphosis happen to someone right before my eyes as those insecurities begin to slip away.
The great passion I have is not in photographing models.
The great passion I have is in having someone walk away from a session FEELING like a model.