We drove down a small road into the desert. When this landscape came into view I felt myself tighten up with that excitement that closes your throat and sends a rush through your body.
There was a palpable sense of adventure and awe in each of us.
We drove past the crowds, pulled onto the side of the road and stepped onto the salt covered floor. It was like nothing I had ever seen. It felt like we were sojourners discovering an alien world. Hexagon shaped crystals blanketed the ground. We were standing at the lowest elevation in America.
I looked at Jenny. This is what I had brought her here for. She walked over to me in the top I had bought for her.
“I want you bare foot” I said. The ground was sharp so I had her stand on her shoes til I was prepared.
“Look at me”… She brought her eyes up to meet mine and I saw the vision I had imagined years ago come to life before me.
The white basin floor reflected a pale, bleached light all around her and onto on to her pale skin.
I closed my eyes; took a deep breath and when I reopened them I lived the moment I had thought into existence.
Assistant: Mia Acosta, Kylie Jean
Location: Bad Water Basin. Lowest elevation in America.