The sun had just set.
My toes sunk into the sand and I asked Mariel and Jenny to take a small break.
It was day one and I was already loving the images we were getting.
Kylie walked over wearing one of KCRS’s designs.
I looked over at Mia and asked if she’d hold up my lighting while I got a few frames of Kylie. It had been a long day of travel and shooting. I could tell everyone was getting tired but the need to keep creating was palpable.
Kylie has a very small frame and the dress sat big on her.
“Give me a small spin”. I wanted to get the fabric off her body and moving through the air to give it shape.
I hit the shutter a half dozen times then paused to review the shots.
“Mia, come a little closer to me… there you go. Kylie… give me that spin again. This time I want you to think about the landscape and where we are… let yourself go…keep your chin to my light as you spin round and keep the expression soft…”
Nailed it.
Model: Kylie Jean
Assistant: Mia Acosta
Designer: KCRS
Location: Death Valley