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Comment and let me know how long you’ve been with me on this photography journey!
Were you one of the few who took a chance on me and let me photograph them when I first picked up a camera in 2012 when I was so excited to learn and explore this new art?
Were you watching and supporting me when I stood on a stage with my girlfriend and her family cheering me on in the audience as I won Phoenix Photographer of the Year in 2013?
Did you collaborate with me when I moved into my first small studio that same year and watch as I fumbled to adjust studio lighting that I was clueless to use?
Did you join me when I brought together local artists and started the Arizona Creative Professionals so I could have friends to collaborate with?
Were you supporting me by commenting, liking and sharing my work when I made the scary decision to go full time as a photographer in 2015?
Were you at the Christmas party in 2015 when I joined forces with celebrity photographer Allan Adler in the Scottsdale Air park studio and we were celebrating our new joint venture?
Were you tuning in when we lost Allan later that next year and I was wondering what to do without that partnership and studio?
Did you and I meet at a wild party at Unexpected Art Gallery in 2017 when I was given the opportunity to run Ustudios?
Maybe you were just starting to follow my work when that girlfriend from 2013 was now my beautiful wife…and our blossoming marriage wilted to pieces.
Maybe we shot together just after the portion of the building that held Ustudios was closed down and sold and I had to walk away from all the sleepless nights of hard work,hopes and wishes for that space?
Did you discover my work around the time when I had to walk away from the Arizona Creative Professionals group I had founded when our journey brought us to a fork in the road and we couldn’t walk the same path any longer?
Or maybe we met at a fashion show when I discovered FABRIC 2018 in Tempe and found a new studio home among all the fashion creatives?
Or perhaps you were invited to Model Mondays and we met while I work on building a new community for a different type of artist.
Celebrations lead to misadventures
Bright days faded to dark nights
Powerful friendship dissolved into bitter divisions
Unbreakable bonds withered away into tearful memories
Love gave way to misunderstandings
I can’t figure out how to keep things from falling apart.
So I just keep taking the pieces and shoving them obsessively into my work.
If you’ve watched my journey;
If my quality is better now than when I first began;
If you find more beauty in my photography now than in years passed;
It is because my images are a kaleidoscope…
Made of all my life’s broken pieces.
And time is giving me more beautifully broken shards to press into the prism of my work.
Model: Mariel Gomsrud
Designer: KCRS
Assistant: Mia Acosta
Location: Death Valley