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Posing. I feel like I will forever be growing and learning to improve this one thing. Every person is an individual. Different body shapes look better from different angles. Different personalities need to be coached in different ways. Different poses convey different ideas. There are so many variables. But here are a few key things that have helped me:

1. The obvious way to improve the quality of the posing in your images is to photograph people who know how to pose for the camera. A great model can make a crappy photographer look good. But only a great photographer and a great model can make each other look great.

2. Focus on the talent standing in front of your lens, not your gear. It’s natural to step onto a set and instantly start worrying about your camera settings, your lighting settings, your concepts, etc. You better learn to quiet your mind. Take a deep breath and remember that portraiture is about people… not gear. When you focus on your talent you are able to truly “see” them. Only then can you guide them.

3. Speak up. I use to shoot a pose, and even if I didn’t like it, I’d pretend I did. I don’t do that anymore. There’s nothing wrong with saying “That didn’t quite work for me, can we try it once more but this time could you (insert new pose).” It’s liberating when you can admit that something isn’t working and suggest something new. It also helps your talent know that you’re committed to getting the best, and not something that’s just “good enough”.

4. Maintain the mind of an artist. Appreciate the beauty in front of you but never lose sight of the whole person or the story you are telling. How you think about the person standing in front of you will shape how you photograph them. She is not there to date you. You are not a rockstar. Don’t allow yourself to get left behind as she strives to create art and you stay stuck in “stupid”. Don’t be a Bro-tographer.

5. Study sculptures and paintings. Allow yourself to benefit from thousands of years of artistic creation. Be as familiar with Rodin, Titian, Sargent, Vermeer and Bernini as you are with Annie Leibovitz, Peter Hurley, Sue Bryce and Joey L.

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