As often as possible, I recommend shooting tethered. This is where you hook your camera to a monitor or a laptop. As you shoot, the images are displayed, not on the back of your camera, but on the larger screen you are connected to.
This is valuable for a few reasons. First is allows your team of artists to view the images as you are shooting.
A hairstylist might notice something that needs attention and she can step in immediately to fix it then. Same with hair and wardrobe stylists. This saves you hours of editing and helps you get it right in the camera.
It is also a great way to show the model how they look. If you are finding it difficult to communicate the exact mood and poses you are going for, this can help. When a model is able to see how they look to the camera, they are better able to make adjustments because it’s obvious what needs to be changed.
It’s also helpful to show them what IS working well. A smile on her face when she sees how the shoot is going can give her some extra energy to continue pulling out great looks and poses for you.
It’s also great for the company you are shooting for. Often, they’ve invested a large amount of money into the campaign they’ve hired you to photograph. When you shoot tethered, you give their ad director the ability to say yes or no to each image as you shoot them. This helps remove any guesswork and the director can leave the shoot KNOWING that you got every shot they needed.
Imagine if every client and model you shot, left your set KNOWING that you got the perfect shots and knew they were in love with them before they even left the set?
This is what tethering can do for you.

I use tether tools cables and Capture One software. I hope this helps you.

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