Yandy.com was launching a new lingerie line and they reached out to a handful of commercial photographers in Arizona for a test shoot. This was going to be their biggest campaign yet so they went searching for the right photographer. 

After my test shoot at their Phoenix studio, I got an email offering me the opportunity to shoot their new line.  Knowing they had test shot with other professional photographers, I thanked them and asked what made them choose to go with me.

They mentioned that they liked how comfortable the model was with me on set, even though it was her first time shooting in lingerie and how I got creative with my lighting and use of simple props on set.  Most of the photographers they tested simply put the model in front of the camera and clicked away. They wanted something more dynamic. Each model was being asked to embody the sign she was representing in the shot so they wanted a photographer who could pull that emotion out of the models.

There was no hesitation in saying “Yes!”

The shoot was a full day and everyone on the team brought their A game to make this happen.

If you would like to order one of these outfits you can CLICK HERE to order online.

You can view the Cosmopolitan article HERE.

Enjoy the shoot.


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Ciara Lebamoff
Dominique Gabrielle
Mikayla Mifsud
Hair + Makeup
Allison Pynn
Cristina Jaramillo
Tori Elyse